Piroctone Olamine vs Nizoral?

So what is the consensun on Piroctone Olamine shampoo?
Does it really outperform nizoral and possibly act as an antiandrogen?
Where can I get my hands on some if I live in the US? The only one I could find was the ginger scalp care one by the Body Shop which doesn't list the concentration of PO.
Let me know about your experiences guys!

There is a study done on both that is somewhere on this site. Do a search and you just might find it. The amount of PO in the Ginger shampoo is less than 1% if i am not mistaken and i just started using it yesterday.

How's it going you guys that are using the Ginger shampoo with PO?

Read the ingredients on the bottles in the dandruff shampoo section. There are several that contain piroctone olamine. I've read studies that it is a tad better than ketoconazole.

I am interested in Piroctone Olamine aswell. I guess the study you have seen is this
But my plan is to use a ABC cyclus. A - Keto shampoo, B - Piro O shampoo, C - An organic shampoo without SLS and other sh*t. Anyone else with experience if that helps at all or if it whould be better to just alter 2 shampoos?

MrBastard, we must be coming across the same info! I too have read the bad stuff about SLS containing shampoos.

I use both. You are not supposed to use one every day anyway.

I read that piroctone olamine is pretty water soluble, at least if there is some alcohol in the water. Its antioxidant properties fight immune system oxidation of the follicle, and it is very stable at many pH's and temperatures.
I think ordering some and mixing it in with a minoxidil topical would be the way to go. Shampoos would be better, but they are hard to get.

Is it safe to use a shampoo with Piroctone Olamine every other day?
Lately my hair has lost all its volume and I find it hard to style, I'm not sure why... but I am beginning to think it is linked with using the shampoo too much =/

It just depends on your scalp. I did for a while. I read though that you are not supposed to shampoo every day, regardless of the shampoo.
I don't use any normal shampoos. I just use nizoral 3x per week, and I don't shampoo the other days. I want to get more piroctone olamine shampoo though. It is hard to find right now.