CRC Concealing Color is a unique cream that creates the appearance of thicker, fuller, healthier hair. It is a fast solution for people showing more scalp than they would like or have a widening part. CRC is formulated to deposit pigment onto the scalp to naturally ¡°fill in¡± thinning areas. CRC is water-resistant, won¡¯t interfere with your hairstyle and washes out with shampoo. CRC also masks gray hair and covers roots. Each of the shades can be used separately or blended together to match your hair

So this just colors your scalp the same color as your hair?

I guess..but it also colors your hair, if you want..since they talk about using it on gray hair. Here's their infomercial:
I doubt it'd work for me..color is too light. Not that I have a desire to try something like this
Just posting it for the info.
Reviews at QVC: