Dermatch vs. Toppik?

I just thought that I would give a few words on Dermatch and Toppik as hairloss concealers. They are boh great but I have found that Toppik leaves a hole in my pocket. Dermatch is significantly more cost friendly and works better at thickening up the hairline. Toppik is quicker and easier to use and less messy. Dermatch takes a little bit of time for the application (5-10) minutes. In my lifetime I have bought only one canister of Dermatch while I have bought a bunch of Toppik.
What is everyone else's favorite?

I haven't used either, but wondered how the two differed. Thanks for posting your experience with these products.
I have heard from several people that "Hair so real" is just like Toppik only cheaper.

Toppik is like a powder almost, but not as fine as a powder. You "sprinkle" it on the the thin spots on your head.
Dermatch comes in a little container that is packed with this stuff that is pretty solid but can be rubbed onto the applicators that they send with the dermatch.

My preference is Dermmatch, but I also like Toppik. You're right though blueshard in that Dermmatch lasts a long, long time.
Here's my review of Dermmatch in case you haven't seen it. I've got before and after pics in there:

I just want to say that to anyone who is starting to lose their hair and is freaking out, these coverups can really help with coping. I know that they have helped me.
When I first started losing my hair I swore to myself that I would never ever use Toppik or any other concealer, but I eventually tried them out. These concealers can help provide some relief and while I do not believe ti is healthy to become dependent on them, they can help a lot in the life of the hairloss sufferor.
The way that I think of it is like a little helper or booster for my hair. I don't pile on these concealers to the point that if I didn't use them it would be shocking, I try to use them sparingly. Women put on makeup, people wear clothes to make them look slimmer, this is hardly that different.
I wish that I had known about these concealers when I was in highschool losing my hair. It would have prevented a lot of stress and emotional scaring. If you are in this position then I believe that these products can help and can give you some relief so that you can get your head together.