Minoxidil Shedding?

I've just started Minoxidil when I noticed my temples beginning to recede. I'm also using it all over my head just to keep it from thinning. I currently sport a full head of hair. I read that there is an initial minoxidil shed which lasts a little while for the hair follicles to reset themselves. What has everyone's experience been? How long has the shed lasted? I'm definitately losing more than a 100 hairs or so each day. I'm on my 6th week now. Is that a bit long for the 2% solution? Should I stop?

Hey crazy_roadie...I don't and never have used minox so I'll let those who do/have- respond.
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I would not worry about the shed, it varies from person to person in how long it lasts and when it starts and stops. Since you have started it I would continue using it for at least 6 months. Again, do not worry about the shedding, just stick with it!

I had a prolonged and scary initial shed that lasted 10 weeks. I didn't think it was going to stop and I thought I made a mistake by using minoxidil since my hair loss was not that bad or noticeable to anyone but me.
However, the dread shed did not cause any lasting decrease in hair density. For me, it works in the vertex area of the head like they show you on the box. I saw improvements there after 7 months of usage.
Good luck.

Thanks for all the replies. Especially to you Tricia. You've been most helpful. I still welcome more replies though. I'm trying to get a general feel for the minoxidil experience. I believe that the 2-4 week shed warning on the box is a little conservative to keep from scaring potential users. Does the shed just stop? What's it like? How common are the recurring sheds? Thanks guys, you're wonderful.

This is taken from http://www.minoxidil.com:
"Initial Shedding: Topical minoxidil can cause an initial mild increase in shedding. However, it's important to realize that the sustained use of topical minoxidil will result in an improvement in the number and quality of the hairs on your scalp.
Minoxidil allows hair that is already in the telogen phase to shed. Normally, the hair shaft sheds at the end of the telogen phase. 10% of normal hair is in the telogen phase, but in areas affected by MPB up to 20% of thinning, miniaturized follicles are in the telogen phase. This is why minoxidil induced shedding may appear so dramatic when it affects thinning hair. The hair shafts, which are shed, will be replaced at the end of the telogen phase with healthier hair. On the other hand, untreated MPB will result in progressive miniaturization of the hair follicles."

I was very concerned about my dread shed since it did last longer than what they advertise on the box. But, I stuck with it.
I have been using 5% minoxidil since June 2004. I haven't had any crazy sheds since the initial dread shed. Prior to starting minoxidil, I did have some crazy sheds on my own. I would say that minoxidil has slowed things down for me.
I still am thinning at the hairline, but I think I would be even thinner without minoxidil.

This is very interesting. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? I've never heard of this - it didn't happen to me.

I thought this was happening to me when I first started using minoxidil but thought it was just me being paranoid. I guess it wasn't! Anyway it wore off after a couple of weeks (if I remember correctly).

When hair shifts into growing phase, it has to shed first. It can't go from resting to growing without kicking out the hair. So, when you first start minoxidil, your hair gets the signal to grow (hopefully) and it throws a lot of hair into the growth phase at once. As those hairs transition into growth phase, you shed them.
My dread shed, although scary to me, was not noticed by other people.