Bio-Sil reviews/testimonials?
And of course there's this:

Are you using Biosil Jacob?

Yep..and btw, Jarrow is supposed to be coming out with another(better?) silica product soon. They no longer have the license(didn't want it anymore?) to the Bio-Sil.
Good to see you back. I was having a heck of a time trying to get back in here. I sent you quite a few emails but never got anything back. I suppose they could have gone in my spam folder..but they never used to.

Good to have you back Jacob!
I had some serious technical issues with the site. Still working out some of the kinks but I think I got most of it taken care of.

Is this a good treatment Jacob?

I would say it's a good addition to one's regimen.
Natrol now makes/sells the Bio-Sil
Jarrow now has their own
JarroSil is manufactured using the latest technology for enhanced bioavailability, stability and improved taste. Stabilized silicic acid is converted to highly bioavailable ortho- and disilicic acids upon dissolution in liquids and in the stomach

Thanks Jacob. Which one do you use and recommend? I want to order one.

I had been using the Bio-Sil..but am switching to JarroSil just to try it out. Since there's no way of really knowing which is better..I'd "recommend" the cheapest you can find of either, unless there's something out there that indicates JarroSil IS that much better.

Thanks Jacob! Gonna check the prices and pick one.

I'm sure you know this..but make sure you look at dosages and # per bottle when figuring out which is cheaper. Also, Bio-Sil comes in capsule form as well as liquid.

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And Jarrow's "sil" product.
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